Home Top News Noisy Fish Sex Keeping Florida Residents Up All Night: Scientist

Noisy Fish Sex Keeping Florida Residents Up All Night: Scientist

Noisy Fish Sex Keeping Florida Residents Up All Night: Scientist


In a bizarre incident, residents of Florida’s Tampa Bay have been complaining about mysterious rolling bass tones that vibrate their walls at night and keep their kids awake.

As per a report by the New York Post, these mysterious noises have given birth to frantic theories regarding the origin of the sounds.

From secret overnight operations at a nearby military base to a code-violating nightclub, the residents have been giving deep thought to what could be causing this noise.

Many even believed the theory of incoming alien squadrons. However, the report claimed that a scientist from the region believes that frisky fish is causing this confounding noise.

The report added that the scientist specified that this unpleasant sound is mating noises, emitted by the aptly named black drum fish.

In a bid to confirm his theory, fish acoustic expert James Locascio, who works at the Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, installed marine microphones in the area.

Mr Locascio was certain about his claims as he conducted an echo of conclusive research nearly two decades ago in Cape Coral.

In a conversation with the New York Post, Mr Locascio said, β€œA retired science teacher let me use her back porch for three months. It was very productive for my research. I called her this week and we talked for the first time in 18 years. I told her I was doing the same thing again.”

The fish acoustic expert added that this noise emitted by the black drum during their winter mating season can hit up to 165 water decibels.

When they emit the noise as a group, the sounds are conducted through the ground and become audible on land.

Mr Locascio added, β€œIt becomes like an urban mystery. You get a lot of different theories. People just want to know what it is. It’s that element of the unknown. And when you have social media, you really start to hear different ideas.”

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