Home Top News Mark Zuckerberg Shares One Of His Most Controversial Leadership Traits

Mark Zuckerberg Shares One Of His Most Controversial Leadership Traits

Mark Zuckerberg Shares One Of His Most Controversial Leadership Traits


Mr Zuckerberg added that there might be minor hiccups in his management style

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that one of his most controversial principles as a business leader is that he doesn’t like delegating responsibility. Mr Zuckerberg spilt the beans about his management style on an episode of the “Morning Brew Daily” podcast which was released on Friday. 

“I think probably one of my most controversial leadership or management things is like I don’t believe in delegating that much,” he said. 

The 39-year-old CEO went on to say, “I kind of think the way a founder should work is you should make as many decisions and get involved in as many things as you can.”  

He added, “I mean you need to know where your limits are and where like you’re just thrashing people because you’re involved in something in a half-assed way and you don’t have all the context, but I don’t know. You need all these other awesome people because no matter how much time I put into all these things, there’s still going to be so much stuff that I can’t get to and we need awesome people who can do all the really important stuff that I’m not doing, but I don’t know.”

Mr Zuckerberg added that although there might be minor hiccups in his management style, it has worked out for him in the long run. “That’s something that I guess I’ve just gotten more confident in over time, is just sort of feeling like hey, yeah I can go deep on all this stuff and push it in a direction that I think, and yeah not everything is going to go well in the near term but you just learn, rinse, and repeat. Do good work over a long period,” he said. 

Meta’s financial report raised red flags about CEO Zuckerberg’s risky hobbies, indicating potential harm to both himself and the company. His recent knee injury during MMA training, requiring surgery, served as a stark example.

The report was submitted recently and made note of the risk of severe injury or worse associated with engagement in combat sports, extreme sports, and even aviation, all of which Mr Zuckerberg is well-known to enjoy. “Mr Zuckerberg and certain other members of management participate in various high-risk activities, such as combat sports, extreme sports, and recreational aviation, which carry the risk of serious injury and death,” Meta said. 

“If Mr Zuckerberg were to become unavailable for any reason, there could be a material adverse impact on our operations,” they added.



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