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Aditya Narayan Row: Student Whose Phone Was Thrown Says, “He Hit My Hand With His Mic”

Aditya Narayan Row: Student Whose Phone Was Thrown Says, “He Hit My Hand With His Mic”


Aditya pictured at the concert. (courtesy: X)

New Delhi:

The viral video incident, in which singer Aditya Narayan was seen throwing a fan’s phone away during his concert in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, took a new turn after the student involved in the incident denied the allegation of “dragging the singer’s feet” in an interview with Zoom. The student, identified as Lovkesh Chandravanshi, is in third-year BSc at Rungta College. Narrating the whole incident in detail, he told Zoom, “Whatever happened was so sudden. I had not expected this to happen to me. Alag sa feel ho raha hai (I feel very different). The concert was going on and I was standing in front of the stage. Aditya sir was performing and he was also taking everyone’s phones and clicking selfies for them. I was right by the stage so I also gave my phone to him for the selfie but he hit my hand with his mic and then threw my phone away for no reason.”

He added, “My brother was standing next to me too. Aditya is a huge star and we love him that is why we went. He was taking selfies with everyone so I thought he would take with me too that’s why I gave my phone.”

Speaking about Aditya Narayan, the student also mentioned during the interview, “He should have not done what he did to me even if it was some other student. We are all his fans and we love him a lot that is why we go to his concert. Hamare yaha kalakaro ki kami nahi hai vaise (We don’t have dearth of artistes in our country).”

The student’s version lies in a sharp contradiction to what the concert’s event manager earlier told Zoom. After the video went viral and Aditya was slammed by a section of the Internet, the event manager issued a statement. He told Zoom, “That boy was not even a college student, he must be someone from outside the college. He was constantly dragging Aditya’s feet nonstop. He was very irritating. He banged his phone on Aditya’s feet multiple times. After that only did he lose his cool. He must have taken almost 200 selfies with this student. The whole concert went smooth apart from this. After this incident, the show went on for almost two hours. If the student was right, he would have come forward.”

The event manager added during his interaction with Zoom, “Even Darshan Rawal stopped doing such college events because these kinds of activities keep happening in every city. People don’t know the truth behind everything. You just see one side. He kept continuously hitting and dragging Aditya, what if he had fallen down? If this boy was right, he would have come forward and told the college authorities that this has happened to him. I have been connected with the college since many years and they haven’t had a good concert like this one ever. They have said so themselves.”

A couple of days ago, Aditya Narayan also reacted to the incident. When asked about the incident, Aditya Narayan told Times Now, “Honestly, no comments. I am answerable to the Almighty. That’s all.”

ICYMI, This is the video we are talking about:

Aditya Narayan has many hit songs to his credit including Ishqyaun Dhishqyaun, Main Nikla Gaddi Leke, and Tattad Tattad, to name a few.



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